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Spring marks the beginning of cooling season in Rogersville, Missouri, but that doesn’t mean you have to stand by while your utility bills increase. From maintaining your HVAC system to using ceiling fans, learn five ways to keep your energy costs low this spring.

Use Ceiling Fans

You’ve probably read about countless high-tech methods for cutting costs and improving energy efficiency in your home. But did you know that one of the simplest ways to lower your household energy consumption is also the easiest to undertake?

Ceiling fans have the power to reduce your energy costs while still keeping you comfortable. If you don’t already have ceiling fans in the most heavily used rooms of your home, install one of these devices in the center of each room. When warm weather arrives, make sure the fans operate in a counterclockwise direction so that they circulate cool air.

The wind chill effect that they create will make you feel cooler without actually lowering the temperature. That means you can increase the temperature on your thermostat up to 4 degrees without feeling a change in comfort level, but you’ll definitely notice the reduction in energy costs.

Program Your Thermostat

Whether or not you use ceiling fans regularly, you should always keep an eye on your thermostat. If you haven’t already replaced your manual device with a smart model or a programmable thermostat, this is the ideal time to make the change.

Next, program your thermostat while keeping your family’s typical weekly schedule in mind. When everyone is at school or asleep, there’s no need to keep the air conditioner running at full speed. Instead, program the thermostat to raise the temperature 8 to 10 degrees to save energy. This translates to an annual savings of up to 10 percent on your utility bill.

If you opted for a smart thermostat, take a few minutes to teach yourself how to use the options for maximum energy savings. For instance, you can use vacation mode to lower energy costs while you’re out of town for a day or two. You can also use smartphone apps to adjust the temperature from almost anywhere, giving you the power to fine-tune your energy savings.

Maintain Your HVAC System

You might not think that something as simple as maintaining your HVAC system and keeping it in good working order would have a significant effect on your energy savings. In reality, however, even replacing an old air filter can lower your air conditioner’s energy consumption by up to 15 percent.

At Goff Heating and Air Conditioning, we recommend going further than just replacing the air filter. Schedule a preventive maintenance appointment early in the cooling season to save as much energy as possible. In addition to cleaning your system, testing electrical connections, and checking fluid levels, our technicians will look for issues that could cost you down the road.

Get a Handle on Humidity

Spring and summer tend to bring high humidity to the Rogersville area, which can prompt you to crank up the air conditioner. If your cooling system can’t handle the humidity, though, you could waste serious energy.

Rather than overworking your cooling system, consider installing a whole-house humidifier. This device works hand-in-hand with your HVAC system to reduce excess airborne moisture and improve indoor air quality while helping your cooling system run more efficiently. You’ll save on energy costs without compromising comfort, which will make the whole family happy.

Consider an Air Conditioner Upgrade

If your air conditioner is over a decade old, you’ll need to start thinking about a replacement soon. Rather than purchasing a run-of-the-mill system, why not upgrade to an air conditioner that leads the way in terms of energy efficiency?

Contact our team to learn about the latest breakthroughs in cooling efficiency. With variable-speed blowers and high seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) ratings, our cooling systems can help you save.

Saving energy doesn’t have to be difficult, no matter the age of your HVAC system. For additional tips or to schedule preventive maintenance, call Goff Heating and Air Conditioning at 417-869-5203.

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