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According to Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration News, reliability is the most important factor that customers consider when installing a new air conditioning and heating system. Energy efficiency and comfort are the second and third on the list of priorities. Your heating, ventilation and air conditioning contractor is an important resource when selecting a new HVAC unit because technicians have in-depth knowledge about the performance of these products. Here are several important factors to consider when planning a new HVAC purchase for your Nixa, MO, home.

Reliability and Comfort

Your heating and air conditioning units should work properly when you need them. The hot Missouri summers demand an air conditioner that can also remove humidity. A reliable furnace is certainly needed for winter. We will recommend products that will perform as needed to guarantee comfort.

Energy Efficiency

Heating and air conditioning account for almost half of residential energy consumption. Increasing energy efficiency reduces energy usage. Energy bills can decrease significantly depending on the type of system you select. Energy Star rates products according to their energy efficiency. Our knowledgeable technicians will let you know what energy savings you can expect with each product. They will also let you know about rebates available in your area for qualifying equipment.

Proper Installation

No matter how good the system, a poorly installed or improperly sized unit will not perform well. Some contractors use an informal method to calculate load based on rule of thumb. However, load calculation should be according to the standards established by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America Association. Load calculation is based on several factors including:

  • Square feet
  • Geographic location
  • Building orientation
  • Exterior landscaping including shade trees
  • The number of doors and windows
  • How people occupy the home
  • The amount of insulation

An HVAC unit that is too small may run for longer periods of time, straining the compressor. A unit that is too large will not be able to control temperature or humidity properly and cycle on and off more frequently. Rooms may feel clammy during summer months because moisture is not removed. The ACCA standards include formulas that address humidity, solar gain and ventilation.

Customized Systems

Newer systems include zoned components that operate independently. Many are controlled by programmed settings that correspond to the lifestyle or habits of the household. Settings reflect activity levels during different times of day. Features such as sleep mode or sensors that turn off blowers when a room is unoccupied help you to save energy. Advanced controllers regulate airflow, temperature and humidity. Some controllers regulate up to eight zones. We will recommend the best location for optimum efficiency of each component.

Evaluate Existing Ducts

Our technicians will examine existing ducts for leaks and size compatibility with the new unit. Ducts that are too small may cause the unit to work harder and lead to equipment failure. Leaky ducts use more energy and allow pollutants to enter the system. These pollutants are then dispersed into the living space. We will let you know about components that improve indoor air quality.

Goff Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC

Goff Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC has been serving residents of southwest Missouri since 1973. We provide a full range of services including:

  • New installations
  • Repairs
  • Preventive maintenance
  • 24-hour emergency service

We work with all models of HVAC equipment including geothermal heat pumps, indoor air quality products, boilers and ductless mini-split units. We strive for 100 percent customer satisfaction by delivering state-of-the-art technical expertise and high-quality work. Our technicians adhere to industry best practices for HVAC contractors. You can depend on us to take the time to understand the unique needs of each customer and make recommendations that meet both budget and comfort requirements.

To find out more about installing a new HVAC unit in your home or business, call 417-869-5203 to speak with one of our technicians.