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Before You Buy

Before You Buy

Before you let an HVAC technician into your home or business, you should first determine if that contractor is the best choice for the job. You don’t want to risk the safety and security of your family and property by hiring someone who cannot guarantee you efficient services at reasonable prices. Ask yourself the following questions before you finally sign the deal with an HVAC company:

Is the contractor easily accessible?

If you have an urgent concern with your HVAC system, you need to get in touch with your contractor as quickly as possible. You should be able to reach the company via fax, telephone or email even on weekends or holidays.

Does the contractor come highly referred by your friends and family?

Weigh the opinions of your friends and neighbors about their preferred HVAC contractor when making your decision.

Does the contractor’s bid offer value in terms of price, product and service?

Don’t make decisions based on price alone — consider other factors such as the quality of the services and products that come with the bid package. If you are concerned about why a contractor’s price is lower than the others, don’t be afraid to ask.

Can the contractor commit to your written agreement?

Have a detailed copy of the job order before the work begins so you can monitor the contractor’s progress and call his attention to any deviations from your agreement. Pay particular attention to the warranty stipulation and clarify the process for obtaining service, parts or replacements under the warranty.

Does the contractor have the requisite permits and licenses?

You don’t want to have a fly-by-night contractor working on your system. Check if the contractor’s license is current and if the company has the necessary general liability and workman’s compensation insurance for their employees.

Can you rely on the same contractor for long-term service and maintenance?

Choosing a heating and cooling contractor is not a one-time project. You want to hire a company that can provide you with good quality service for many years and one you can trust with your privacy, safety and security.

Are the contractor’s personnel well-qualified and courteous?

An HVAC company is only as good as its technicians. Good, up-to-date training and excellent work history are desirable, but it would be even better if you are comfortable with the people who are working on your HVAC system.

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