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While smart thermostats may feel like an unnecessary novelty item in your Branson, Missouri, home, they’re actually a useful piece of technology that does many things better than analog or old programmable thermostats. Not only do outdated thermostats fail to maintain the right temperature, but they also cost you money in the process. If you’re wondering how a smart thermostat is better than the rest, here are a few of the device’s advantages.

Change the Temperature Remotely

Have you left for a weekend or gone on vacation without changing the thermostat setting? If so, you aren’t alone. Many people forget to adjust their thermostat for this period of vacancy, creating unnecessarily high energy bills. However, a smart thermostat with Wi-Fi abilities can amend this situation. Using an app, you can change your home temperature from anywhere in the world, provided you have internet access. Even if you just want to turn the temperature up or down before you get home from work, the smart thermostat is a godsend.

HVAC Integration

Another benefit of a smart thermostat is its ability to integrate with other HVAC components for improved home automation. When linked with an air conditioner or furnace, you can add zoning to your home. This allows your HVAC system to blow cold or hot air only to the rooms that need it. This keeps you comfortable while cutting costs on unoccupied rooms.

Improved Ease of Use

If you’ve ever squinted to read the tiny readout or needle on your thermostat, a smart thermostat can absolve you of the problem. Most of these thermostats have a large LCD screen that’s easy to see, use, and navigate. In addition to this asset, a smart thermostat also tracks your behavior and energy usage, which you can view on-screen. It also adds reminders about changing your air filter for better efficiency.

Smart thermostats are changing the way homeowners perceive home comfort. That’s why you should get on-board. If you need someone to install a smart thermostat, call us today at Goff Heating and Cooling at 417-869-5203.

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