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If you’re a money saver and cost cutter, you’ve probably established great energy-saving habits during your time in Springfield, Missouri, like turning off lights when you leave a room, limiting TV time, and not running your AC full blast all day. But even after all that, are your utility bills still not as low as you’d like? Now that you’ve built a foundation of energy-consciousness, you’re ready to take your money-saving to the next level. Reduce your home utility costs and take control of how your home uses energy with these three energy-efficient habits.

Limit Vampire Energy

These culprits of higher energy costs sap energy without you ever knowing. Vampire energy is the energy lost from electronics and small appliances that are plugged in, whether they are turned on or off. Limiting vampire energy allows you to take greater control of how you use energy. Plug electronics and small appliances into a power strip that you can turn off when those pieces aren’t in use, or simply unplug your electronics and small appliances.

Schedule Regular HVAC Maintenance

Regular HVAC maintenance may just seem like something else to add to your budget, but this maintenance will help you save on monthly utility costs by improving how your HVAC system uses energy. Maintenance ensures that the HVAC system operates at peak efficiency, which will not only save you money, but also keep you healthy and comfortable.

Seal Your Home

Unfortunately, when you pay that bill every month, you’re probably paying for some air that you were never able to enjoy. Over time, leaks form around your home, allowing air to escape. Identify leaks by looking for extra dirt accumulated around doors and windows. Seal doors using weatherstripping and seal windows with a new layer of caulk.

These simple energy-efficient habits will help you build the cost-saving home that you’ve always wanted. To start a habit of regular HVAC maintenance, call our professionals at Goff Heating and Air at 417-869-5203.

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