"Home of the Indoor Weatherman!"

If you think that indoor air quality (IAQ) is more challenging for cooling systems than for heating systems, you are not alone. Many people believe that air conditioning units present issues related to humidity, mold and byproducts from refrigerant fluids. The reality is that failing to properly maintain heating systems can have an even more negative effect on indoor air quality as well as on the health of everyone in your household. Tacking poor IAQ should be a year-round effort in your Rogersville, Missouri, home. The following recommendations will help you to consistently improve indoor air quality so you can keep your household healthy.

Caring For Your Plants

House plants can act as indoor air purifiers to a certain extent thanks to their ability to absorb some levels of toxins and pollutants. Some plants are better than others in this regard; peace lilies and bamboo palm are great choices since they are easy to maintain. Don’t keep the soil too moist since this may create mold.

Using the Right Air Filter

Furnaces and other heating units release pollutants as they operate during the winter. According to the California Environmental Protection Agency, some of these pollutants include nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide and other particles that can be harmful at high levels. With the right air filter, you can reduce the amount of pollutants entering your home in the winter.

The filter will also rid your home of pollutants that are common during the warmer months. Dust, dirt, pollen and mold are common threats. Remember, however, that your filter will only be effective if it is clean.

HVAC Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining your furnace and air conditioner should always be prioritized. These systems have various mechanisms that require regular cleaning and tuning. If you fail to inspect and clean these units, they are more likely to produce harmful pollutants as they are being used. It is always recommended that you schedule a furnace maintenance check during the fall and AC maintenance during spring while the temperatures are still mild.

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