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Pets are part of the family. You love their company, and they make your house feel like home. But when your pets cause your allergies or asthma to flare, your health and comfort are hindered by them. Up until now, you’ve probably dealt with it as best you could, but there are practical solutions to handling allergies caused by pets. Understand where pet allergies originate and you’ll be able to return your home to the healthy sanctuary it once was.

Dander: Your Allergies’ Best Friend

Everyone has heard of dander, the dead skin flakes that come from your pets. And while it’s a part of why your allergies are getting worse, they’re not the source. Humans are allergic to a protein in the saliva of pets.

As dogs and cats groom themselves, those proteins in the saliva are spread across the fur and the dead skin underneath. Then, as your pets roam your home or as you play with them, that dead skin spreads across your home. Ever notice that your skin itches where your pet licked you? That’s because you’re allergic to their saliva, not their skin.

How to Handle Pet Allergies

Now what? You can’t get rid of your pet, so how are you going to control the protein-covered dander? Start by keeping your pet clean. There isn’t much you can do to keep your pets from grooming themselves, but bathing them removes saliva and dead skin before it can spread. You should also vacuum often, especially in areas where pets spend most of their time, such as a couch or an area of the floor. Wash your hands after handling your pet, and keep your pets out of your bedroom.

Pet allergies keep you from fully enjoying time with your furry companion, so take the steps to cut off those allergens at the source. For more help increasing the indoor air quality of your home and limiting allergic reactions, call Goff Heating and Air at 417-869-5203.

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